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Channel Guide 2017
Your Biggest Investment - Your Family!
The biggest investment you'll ever make (next to your family) is your home.  Each week Welcome Home™ gathers resources from around the nation to help protect and beautify your investment.  From Crafts and Family Fun to a Hobbies and Home Renovations, we'll find the latest in Home Furnishings, Home Decor and Home Improvements to accomplish your goals.
 At no time during the history of home-dwelling families has the home become the most stable part of the development of our children than it has today. Home is where we learn, where we seek shelter, where we take our meals and where we connect with others in our tribe. Home is where we learn and prepare to make a contribution to the world we live in, to become shepherds over our planet and raise a family of our own.   You may love your home or you may be desperate to move, but either way you’re probably familiar with its corner. But what do you really know about its history? Each room in your house has a longer and more intriguing history than you probably realize.

Children's Furniture

In the past, furniture was made primarily to serve a purpose with style being mainly an afterthought. This was especially true with children’s furniture. However, today most families try to combine function with


                    the style preferences of both the parents and the child to find furniture that meets their needs. When parents are shopping for modern children’s furniture, they find that there are a lot of options available.


While the sky's the limit on choices, it is important to take into consideration what is needed for the child. Taking the child’s personality into consideration, along with the style preferences of parents is also helpful. It is generally easy to blend the parents’ tastes in with the style preferences of children in most cases to ensure that everyone is happy. To accomplish this goal, there are several important things to consider before deciding on furniture that suits everyone.

Family Vacation Fun
Ah, the family vacation—the source of some of our fondest memories, both as kids and as parents.  Skiing in the winter, Picnics and theme parks in the summer and all the indoor and outdoor activity a family could wish for all year long. For maximum family fun, it best if we can find the fun without breaking the bank.  Our One Tank Getaways will help you do exactly that. 

Few things spoil the afterglow of a great vacation faster than the arrival of a whopping post-vacation credit card bill.   The first step toward any kind of saving is to define your objective.  Can we vacation locally and still have fun and meet our objectives.  Most of the time the answer is YES.   Get on the internet, ask friends and see what's going on local.  You'll save money, you'll have fun and there won't be any surprises at the end of your vacation.

The Living Room
Primarily, the living room’s a place for spending your leisure hours. But it’s also a place for display – a room for impressing your guests with your taste and wealth. At its heart is the chair, originally reserved for the household’s head. The original ‘chairman’ sat down while his servants stood, or sat upon lowly stools not chairs with arms.  
The Kitchen
Early censuses didn’t count people or houses: they counted ‘hearths’, as the cooking fire was the central point of a home. The one-room medieval peasant’s dwelling contained a central hearthstone or flat rock upon which a fire was laid.
The Bathroom
This room in the house has the shortest history: the bathroom. Two hundred years ago, bathrooms didn’t exist. The bathroom’s development has not been a straight forward matter, and you might be surprised to learn that many of your medieval ancestors had some hygienic and innovative "bathroom" solutions.
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